Justin Gabriel salary, net worth – lacking the personality to win the hearts of crowd

I believe he never executed his amazing talents to much on the tv and that is I think the main reason about his recent firing from WWE. A part of crowd loved his finishing move but he never ever was able to draw much attention of the crowd. I think he was lacking the personality to win the hearts of crowd. The last step was he was being used as a Bunny in his last days. I mean how he can think of this stupid idea to continue in WWE ?

He earned $132,000 in 2013 as he was a part of NEXUS whereas he received $173,000 in 2014 but this was the year where he lost all his class in the WWE and WWE made up the mind to release him soon. He currently lives near to the home of “Tyson Kidd”. Gabriel’s current net worth is estimated at $5.4 Million which has definitely dropped after the release from WWE.

Justin Gabriel Salary/career earning 2015: $240,000
Winning and other Bonus $80,000
Justin Gabriel Net worth: $720,0000
Profession: Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income: $60,000
Born Place:  Cape Town, South Africa
Born Date: 3-Mar-81
Full or real name: Paul Lloyd, Jr.
Market Value $1,200,000

“Paul Lloyd Jr.” is a 2nd generation South African wrestler. He was marked with WWE under the name “Justin Gabriel”. He was selected in the 1st season of NXT where he finished his NXT journey with 3rd position. He was later the part of destructive NEXUS with which he won the WWE Tag Team titles for 3 times. He is also a former FCW Champion.

Year Justin Gabriel Salary Justin Gabriel wrestler Net worth Winning Bonus
2013-2014 $120,000 $389,189 $35,556
2014-2015 $165,517 $480,000 $53,333
2015 $240,000 $720,000 $80,000
2015-2017 (according to contract) $276,000
Total: $801,517 $1,589,189 $168,889

He made his wrestling debut at 16 years old and was initially prepared by his dad “Paul Lloyd, Sr”. He put in 5 years in the United Kingdom where he prepared with the FWA Academy. He was prepared by “Mark Sloan” and “Alex Shane”. He debuted for FWA in 2003.

Cape Town, South Africa is the place where he was born. Justin Gabriel is one of the best professional wrestler who was born on 3-Mar-81 .According to Forbes 2015 salary, Paul Lloyd, Jr. is earning $240,000 per year while winning bonus is $80,000 Now you know how much Justin Gabriel earns. He has a market value of $1,200,000 .In 2015 expected payroll of Justin Gabriel is $276,000.

In 2008, he marked a 3 year contract with WWE of development category and hence turned into the 1st South African individual to sign for WWE. He was transferred to the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He is currently in relation with the WWE diva Kelly Kelly.