Lewis Black income

Lewis Black Net Worth ($2 million Actor)

Full Name: Lewis Niles Black.
Lewis Black net worth: $2,000,000
Yearly Money: $1 million
Popular as Actor
Lewis Black comedian
Act Names Earning from this
Ollie & the Baked Halibut $862,667
Dark as Day $625,000
What Blows Up Must Come Down! $540,000
No Free Lunch $300,000
Unaccompanied Minors $250,000
Total money of these Movies $3 Million approx
  • Birth Day Date:August 30, 1948
  • Place of Birth: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Lewis Black’s worth in previous years
2011 $650,000
2012 $855,000
2013 $1,000,000
2014 $1,500,000
2015 $2,000,000
“Lewis Niles Black”, the man who earned the name for himself in the United States of America through acting, comedy and writing, is currently having a net worth of about $2 Million. I see his finances as perfect at this moment because he is 67 and his net worth of $2 Million is an amazing and extra ordinary thing presently.

I mostly call him as the king of comedy among the rats. This is because he always found some funnier side of any talk. Especially his political way to turning things in to a comedy scene is the best part I find in him and like it.

I believe that it was the time of late 90’s when he exploded on the television though his guest appearances in numerous funny shows like the popular The Daily Show etc. This show was the platform for him where he refined and perfected his skills. Screwed for HBO, White, Red and Black on Broadway are some of his follow ups which took his fame to the very next level after his brilliant success time in The Daily Show. His performance in a comedy title The Carnegie Hall Performance is the best among all because it delivered him the best professional award available, Grammy in Best Comedy Album.

I really admire him a lot and he is the best example of transformation into the best as he change his skills from a casual comedian and writer into the best choice in topics related to Religion. Ethics, Politics and History.