Lil Jon income

Lil Jon Net Worth (Jonathan Smith millionaire)

The approximated net worth of Lil Jon is around $28.5 Million. Apart from music and TV appearances, he has his own business of wine and alcohol that somehow impacts his image negatively especially in the eyes of young teenagers but huge profit according to business point of view.

Full Name: Jonathan Smith.
Lil Jon net worth: $28,500,000
Yearly Money: $12 million
Popular as Rapper
Lil Jon rapper wealth
Names Earning from this
Party Animal $10 million
Gangsta Grillz, Vol. 9 $8M
Whaaat!!! Okaaay!!! [DualDisc] $5 million
I Am American $7 million
Reggaeton Remix $3 million
Total money of above listed $32 million
  • Birth Day Date: January 27, 1971
  • Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Lil Jon Rapper net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $10 million
2012 $15 million
2013 $20 million
2014 $25 million
2015 $28,500,000
Any views about rich status of Lil Jon?

Jonathan Smith –– aka Lil Jon ––  is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and DJ. He is famous for his King of Crunks, Crunkest Hits and Crunk Rock.

He is happily married with Nicole Smith since 2004. Like most of alcohol-loving rappers, he also had been arrested more than twice on account of manhandling / fighting in a public transport and use of drugs.

Such image is tantamount to a serious damage to his image and would incur serious cut on his overall ratings because the sponsors and managers of events would never like to orchestrate their events for a person who is ever-ready for criminal offenses, like Jon.  He is again promoting the most disgusting thing on the planet––homosexuality–– among his viewers and fans however there is a prediction that in future people would not likely to follow a gay celebrity nor the producers and sponsors would render them anything favorable.

In our view, Jon should reconcile his relations with his wife instead of wasting time over homo matters. His ratings are all dependent upon his morality and values by which an American society lives on. Last we observed average $5 million inclined in is net worth each year. Yes we can in next year Lil Jon may get worth around $35 million.