Marina and the Diamonds income

Marina and the Diamonds Net worth -Singer, songwriter

Full Name: Marina Lambrini Diamandis.
Marina and the Diamonds net worth: $3,100,000 ($3.1 million) Updated
Yearly Money: $640,000
Popular as Singer, songwriter
Marina and the Diamonds income and her balck dress photos in open hairs
Albums/songs Names Earning from this song/Album
Obsessions $250,000
The American Jewels $188,500
The Crown Jewels $170,000
Electra Heart $140,000
The Family Jewels 127,000
Total money of these Albums/songs Approx $1 million
  • Birth Day Date:October 10, 1985
  • Place of Birth:Abergavenny, Wales, UK
Marina and the Diamonds Singer, songwriter net worth in these years
2011 $53o,000
2012 $950,000
2013 $1,600,000
2014 $2,500,000
2015 $3,000,000
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A beautiful young lady whose real name is Marina Lambrini Diamandis belongs to Wales. But the lady has known to the world by the name of Marina and Diamonds which is her stage name who currently earning $120k per year just as a bonus/sponsors. She is a singer and song writer by profession. She started her career in the beginning of 2005 but she particularly gained popularity in 2010 after being ranked on #2 on a program organized by BBC namely “Sound Of 2010”.

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2010 was a very important year for her as she launched her first and very popular album in this year. The name of first album was” The Family Jewels” which made business of $127.5k. Her other albums include “Electra Heart” ($140k) which was released in 2012 and her upcoming album would be released in 2015 namely “Froot” and according to analysts this album will earn in between $600k to $800k but this is not sure this figure may change.

The genres which she is following include Indie Pop, Indie Rock, New Wave and Electro Pop. The instruments which she often used to play include Piano.