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Mario Net Worth -R&B Singer

Mario Dewar Barrett a.k.a Mario net worth is estimated around $14 million. He is also known as a model and has modeled not only for his own music videos but also the videos made by others. This adds the word of model as well in his resume. Keeping in mind the multi tasking abilities of this man, one can say that he surely earns quite a lot which is actually TRUE.

Full Name: Mario Dewar Barrett.
Mario net worth: $14,000,000
Yearly Money: $3,655,000
Popular as R&B Singer
R&B Singer Mario wealthy artist
Albums Names Album Earning
Evolve $1,166,667
Turning Point/Mario $875,000
GO $800,000
 Turning Point $717,949
Mario $608,696
Total money of these Albums $4,168,311
  • Birth Day Date:August 27, 1986
  • Place of Birth:Baltimore, Maryland, USA
R&B Singer Mario net worth in these years
2011 $6,175,000
2012 $9,000,000
2013 $11,000,000
2014 $12,000,000
2015 $14,000,000
Now you know all about Mario net worth. The singer has earned a lot till now especially in the last two to three years when all of his video got super hit and the songs released by him were loved by his fans. The singer who was born in the year 1986 and started off his career in the year 2010 has a net worth of $14 million dollars which is huge keeping in mind the short span of career that he has.

This amount has been earned by him through the amazing music that he has produced till now as well as the music videos he has been a part of till now. The shows that he has done till now also make a huge part of the net worth of the actor.

In my opinion, the person is quite talented and if he has a stable personal life, he would have made even a higher amount of net worth. All the competitors that Mario have made somewhat double amount of net worth than him and the only reason that seems to be the reason behind his lower value of wealth is his personal issues such as abusive and offensive lifestyle. Even his own mother once said in an interview that owing to the fact that he didn’t have a normal childhood, he has some personal issues even now!