Mark-Paul Gosselaar income

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Net Worth

Full Name: Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar.
Mark-Paul Gosselaar net worth: $9,000,000
Yearly Money: $4,000,000
Popular as Actor
Mark-Paul Gosselaarrich and good looking actor
Names Earning from this
 Hide 750,000
John from Cincinnati 562,500
 Law Dogs 514,286
The House Next Door 461,538
Hitched 391,304
Total money of these Movies 2,679,629
  • Birth Day Date: March 01, 1974
  • Place of Birth: Panorama City, California, USA
Mark-Paul Gosselaar net worth in previous year
2011 4,615,384
2012 6,101,694
2013 7,500,000
2014 8,181,819
2015 9,000,000
Now you know all about Mark-Paul Gosselaar wealth status. Here is the few more stats

There is no doubt in the fact that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is not only a good looking actor but also knows how to act. In the past, he has been a part of some really fantastic movies that shaped his career really well. However, in the recent times, it is being said that the actor is not in the best of is forms and the legal allegations that he has to deal with have also affected his personal as well as the professional life badly.

Along with that, these legal actions have also affected his net worth. Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s net worth as calculated in the recent past is $9 million dollars. This is no doubt a huge amount but it got decreased recently when he didn’t show up in the “Saved by the Bell” special edition of Jimmy Fallon show. The show was basically a re-union of all the actors that were the original part of Saved by the Bell but Mark Paul Gosselaar didn’t show up on that particular day on the sets despite of signing the contract.

The show involved all the actors that once were a part of the Bayside High but the fans got really disappointed when they couldn’t find Mark Paul Gosselaar in the show. It was said by the actor that he has been busy with all the legal issues that he has been having in the present and this made him skip the show which reduced the net worth made by him till now.

The actor who also signed the contract of the movie Franklin and Bash will however help him gaining his momentum and getting the net worth equal to other members of Saved by the Bell such as Tiffani Thiessen who has the net worth of approximately $13 million and Mario lopez having the net worth of 16 million dollars.