Master P income

Master P Net Worth (Rapper and actor)

  • Rapper Master P Net Worth: $370 million
  • His yearly earning: $50 million

Percy Robert Miller mostly known as Master P or his business name P Miller is an American actor, rapper, author, entrepreneur, record producer and philanthropist besides being a former NBA basketball player. Master P maintains a net worth of US $370 Million and he is the fourth richest rappers among the first hundred as per Forbes. Married with Sonya Miller only to divorce after 20 years, Master P has a huge pile of cash along with several million-dollar properties.

Master P Rapper/actor net worth in previous years
2011 $220,000,000
2012 $265,000,000
2013 $300,000,000
2014 $350,000,000
2015 $370,000,000

The post-divorce spousal support he had to pay was US $16,575 and US $10,475 in child support every month, however, his wife demands his energy drink manufacturing company “Make ‘Em Say Ughh!” that has a worth of US $10 Million alongside a parting gift of US $67 Million. Voila !!!!! Master P  is seemed to own an empire of bucks.

net worth of Master P as an actor and rapper

P owns an inventory of latest cars like Porsche, Bentley, Ford, Escalade, Rolls Royce and Benz. Being owner of at least 45 medium-to-large scale production companies, Master P is also planning to procure a personal Jet worth US $38 Million. Moreover, he also owns over 30 houses across California, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Cash aside, he has had a legal issue pertinent to carrying unauthorized weapon as well as its ammunition. In my view, the rapper is a role model for every other rapper in view of money-making; he not only excelled in music but also advanced himself in multiple businesses.

It is always easier said than done, Master P demonstrated practically how hard work can bring out a rich fortune as well as respect except for his minor felony of gun carrying which I am sure he would never repeat.