Mat Jason Bloom edited photo (looking forward)

Mat Jason Bloom earns $465k yearly salary – Know how?

“Matthew Jason Bloom” is a retired American wrestler currently signed to WWE as a commentator like JBL in their NXT brand. He is having a current net worth of $1.2 Million. He earns an estimated yearly salary of $465,000.

I think he had a good part in the late 90’s with the industry. He started to appear with different names and outfits which I think was not of more help for him.

Mat Jason Bloom edited photo (looking forward)

He wrestled as A-Train, Albert and Prince Albert from 1997 to 2004. He became a 1 time WWF Intercontinental Champion during his time in WWF. He participated in the New Japan Pro Wrestling after leaving the WWE. He won IWGP Tag Team Titles, making the record for the longest rule and the most safeguards as Bad Intentions.

According to an estimation, he has a weekly salary package of approximately $8,000. Blossom re-signed with WWE under the new ring name Lord Tensai. Tensai went on a good winning streak, scoring victories over low card wrestlers and even industry stars like “CM Punk” and “John Cena”.

Tensai started losing significantly more often near the end of year 2012, starting with John Cena finishing his winning streak before he was also defeated by that time World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. His partner “Sakamoto” left him permanently after Tensai kept on attacking him in frustration of continuously losing the matches.

He is a good wrestler when it comes to beating other with power but he was never a consistence force of threat in the industry. His relations with the WWE/WWF are of quite old as he is being associated with the industry from a very long time in one way or another.