Method Man income

Method Man Net Worth (Millionaire Donor)

Clifford Smith also known as Method Man is an American rapper as well as actor. His net worth is around US $14.5 Million. He owns a luxury car Mercedes Benz 2003 SL 55 AMG worth US $130,000.

Full Name: Clifford Smith.
Method Man net worth: $14,500,000
Yearly Money: $6 million
Popular as Rapper
Method Man rapper worth and album income
Names List
First day Earning from this
Crystal Method $200,000
Taste of Tical, Vol. 3 $125,000
 4:21… The Day After $115,000
Tical 0: The Prequel $100,000
Blackout! 86,000
Total money of these Albums $600,000
  • Birth Day Date:April 01, 1971
  • Place of Birth: New York
Method Man Rapper net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $2,000,000
2012 $5,500,000
2013 $7,000,000
2014 $10,000,000
2015 $14,500,000
He has a serious legal issue in which he was charged for using drugs like marijuana and weeds alongside kidnapping as well as evading tax worth US $33,000. Now you know all about Method Man net worth.

As about his personal life, Method Man is a very good husband and father of three as recently revealed by her wife about whom is so much so protective that only by a rare photo leakage on social media he quit the social media (twitter) for her sake. His wife is a cancer survivor and he is very honest with her and strictly abides by loyalty towards her.

Millionaire celebrity and not yet a donor!!! Not possible! at least in case of Method Man. He along with Redman has at many occasions donated their proceedings towards the cause of impoverished communities around New York and New Jersey. Method Man expressed many a times that the lack of real freedom to minorities in the US as well as around the world is the worst thing he found in his life.

He has solidarity with Palestine and renounced Israel’s oppression against the minor Arabs like the way white Americans do with the black ones.