Michael B. Jordan income

Michael B Jordan Net worth (Updated)

Michael B. Jordan net worth is around $1 million.  Fantastic Four is one of my favorite movies and when I heard about its release in August 2015, I was anxiously waited for that. I enjoyed it a lot and many other like me have the same opinion. From this movie Michael B earned $2 million which is highest income till now. In all the characters of this movie, Michael B Jordan was loved and liked more than others. This black, handsome and talented person proved himself as a great actor.

  • Full Name: Michael Bakari Jordan.
  • Michael B. Jordan net worth: $1,000,000
  • Yearly income: $900,000 Average
  • Popular as: Actor,Model

Michael B. Jordan played role in Fantastic 4 movie

The Fantastic Four just an example of his acting skills. Beside this he has worked a lot for TV serials like “All My Children”, “Blackout” but his most recognized role as Nate Warren in the series “The Assistants”. His first movie “Are We Officially Dating”was with Zac Effron, Imogen Poots and Miles Teller. This movie gave him a great breakthrough in now his new movie has been released recently.

Previous earnings:

  1. Pretenders $190,000
  2. Fruitvale Station $140,500
  3. Chronicle $98,000
  4. Hotel Noir $75,282
  5. Red Tails $50,478

Michael B Jordan earnings depend upon his acting in TV series, movies and some of the sponsors. For this year, his net worth has been recorded as $1 Million, but in my views it quite low income if i compare him with other actors like Zac Effron who has a net worth of $18 Million while he has a short career than Michael B Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan net worth in previous years

2011: 512,820
2012: 677,966
2013: 833,333
2014: 909,091
2015: 1,000,000

He is well recognized due to his acting skills, but I am surprised to see that he is not earning as much as he should. His yearly income is only $900,000 even after doing some major project in the last years. There could be one main reason behind his low earnings that he could not get major roles in the movies. But he definitely has skills to do more effort and earn higher and make his fans pleased with his talent.