Nas Net worth and his Gross income

Nas net worth: $17,000,000
Yearly Money: $4,000,000
Popular as Rapper
rapper Nas has richest lifestyle but donate large amount of money in charities too
Music list Earning from Music
Illmatic XX $1,416,667
Life Is Good $1,062,500
Life Is Good [Deluxe Edition] $971,429
Finest Parts 2 [Throwback Edition] $871,795
Finest Parts 5 $739,130
Total money of these Albums $5,061,521
  • Birth Day Date: September 14, 1973
  • Place of Birth: Queens, New York, USA
“NAS” Net Worth in previous years
2011 $8,717,000
2012 $11,525,000
2013 $13,160,000
2014 $15,450,000
2015 $17,000,000
He is a more conservative person. He do not reveal much about himself. He likes to talk less. One of the best rapper like to act more as an observer but enjoying richest lifestyle.

I believe that maybe this is the reason why there is a personal touch in each of his song. He concentrates more on his work rather than time consuming activities which can take you very far from your original work. How much he loves his role is easy to understand as he mostly competes his task in the first shot.

He loves his daughter a lot. Acting as a loving daddy, he is having his daughter name on one of his albums which enables her to receive all the bonuses and royalties. He donates his large amount of money in charities, he choose Art Basel Museum for selling his painting for $14,000 and donated all of it to an NGO. Mostly people call him at their sets and take guidance from NAS which shows that he is the demand of industry too.

He hired his own crew and cast to shoot Scared, his very own film but never released it. When agreed to sign for Columbia Records, the recording house started giving $17,000 to NAS before releasing and doing work on any kind of song.

He is unfortunate because of racism tags from everywhere. People just cannot like black. He owns a $659,000 worth home in Gerogia. His current net worth of $17 Million is due to $27 million gross earnings and few debts. Once, he returned $200,000 after receiving payment of $300,000 from a function where he was not the performer.

Nas is not only a famous rapper but is also one of the most amazing actor as well. Due to this versatility of him being a part of more than one profession, he is known quite well. The reason why he has such amazing singing talent might be the fact that his father, Olu Dara was also one of the most famous musicians of his times.

The singer started off quite early in his life and that’s why, till now he has achieved quite a lot in his career. He has also been a part of several movies which have been hit. On the other hand, the music made by him has the lyrics written solely by him.

In the year 2015, the singer plus actor has a net worth of $17M. Now you might think that this is quite a huge amount of money and if you have this point in your mind, you must know that he has been a part of a lot of brand endorsements as well that have helped him earning even more. Nas has been dating “Kelis” for quite a long period of time who is a singer having an origin from America. Kelis has a net worth of $4 million.

The singer and actor has always worked hard to come up with good productions. However, this year, the amount of money earned by him went down a little as he failed to pay some of his taxes that led to some amount of penalty.

On the other hand, Tupac Shakur who is a competitor of Nas has a net worth of $40 million which is double the net worth of Nas. Notorious big has a net worth of 160 million dollars which is quite high and Nas needs to work too hard in order to reach their financial level.