Ne-Yo income

Ne-Yo Net worth 2015 – Talented R&B singer but weak music contracts

“Ne Yo net worth”: The stage name of “Shaffer Chimere Smith”. I don’t rate him much higher but do like his some of songs. He has a current net worth of $16 Million which is in my opinion not so good as compared to his talent. Some of them are as follows with top to bottom ratings according to my likeness;

  • Because of You
  • Sexy Love
  • Let Go
  • Crazy
Ne-Yo net worth 2015: $16,000,000
Yearly Money: $1,950,000
Popular as R&B singer
R&B singer Ne Yo net worth is going down. He must think about it
Shaffer Chimere Smith

As not many of you know about Ne Yo, I am going to compare him with the famous “Usher so that you can have a better idea. In looks, Usher takes the lead but Ne Yo has more voice talent. Usher has amazing dancing moves compared to Ne Yo but lacks the style feature to Ne Yo. Shaffer Smith also takes the lead in writing proper lyrics hence slightly having an edge over Usher. All this explained, then why Ne Yo is behind? As pointed out earlier by me, Ne Yo is not having a good marketing of his skills. This also pointed out to his weak music contracts. I really do not see him doing much in music industry now until he adapts a new media marketing strategy.

Earning from these Albums ($)

Non Fiction 1,333,333
3 Simple Rules 1,000,000
R.E.D. [Deluxe Edition] 914,286
R.E.D. 820,513
Year of the Gentleman 695,652
Total money of these Albums 4,763,784
  • Birth Day Date: October 18, 1982
  • Place of Birth: Camden, Arkansas, USA
Ne-Yo net worth in these years
2011 8,205,128
2012 10,847,457
2013 13,333,333
2014 14,545,455
2015 16,000,000
He has the talent to deliver some good songs and main advantage is his good voice. His songs are not able to catch up most of the chunk of the market as compared to the other singers. Now you know all about Ne-Yo 2015 net worth. He needs to focus on his marketing skills, even his search on the internet is not good just because of his lack of skills to penetrate a bigger music market