One Direction Band Group photo and their worth

One Direction boy brand Net Worth – Winners of two BRIT Awards and richest Young artists

“One Direction” is an English-Irish pop boy brand which is comprised of Liam PayneNiall Horan, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Former member Zayn Malik left the band on 25th March 2015. Best Boy’s band at the moment is currently having a net worth of $900 Million after leaving Zayn. Before reported their worth $1 Billion. Band represented a $50 Million earnings in the year 2012. According to Billboard, the band was given the title of Top New Artist of 2012.

Quick Facts:

  • One Direction net worth: $900 million
  • Yearly income (2014-2015 stats): $120 million average
  • Album Sales (Average): $245,000,000 and much more which is discussed below:

Winners of two BRIT Awards earned an estimated of more than $60 Million in 2013. They earned a total gross income of $457,500,000 of 2012-2013. They also earned $60,000,000 from their 3D concert One Direction: This Is Us. Their tours in New Zealand and Australia in 2013 earned them $15,700,000 and earned $300,000,000 from the sale of their albums.

One Direction Band Group photo and their worth
One Direction band members. (Now Zayn Malik is not part of them)

In the same year, they also earned $57,500,000 from Merchandise sales, $15,000,000 from DVD sales and $150,000,000 from the overall sales of their Movie. People who want to know about One Direction net worth also searching for these:

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Winners of two Kid’s Choice Awards successfully achieved their target for collecting their donations goal, earned $334,000 (£ 200 Thousand) and earned $75 Million in total as of 2014. They also donated More than £ 600,000 for the Stand up to Cancer campaign. In addition to this, they also raised $784,984 in 2013 through #HangwithLiam&Harry global campaign.

Band members are also having shares in their rivals pop band of Australia, “5 Seconds of Summer” in which they have earned an estimated of $2,000,000 excluding bonuses.

Image taken from this usmagazine article and credit goes to Christopher Polk/Getty Images.