Q-Tip income

Q-Tip Net worth – Rapper

Q-Tip net worth: $8,000,000
Yearly Money: $1.5 million

Kamaal Ibn John Fareed known to most of the world as Q-Tip is an American rapper with a net worth of US $8 Million while excluding a house-cum-studio he owns at Englewood Cilffs NJ worth US $1.4 Million.

Married with an actress Michelle Dave his cumulative net worth is around double of his own. Reverted to Islam in 2008, Q-Tip has altered the message through his lyrics; it is instead more focused on everything except anything inappropriate especially for young audience. Q-Tip has also co-worked with Beyonce, Mairah Carey and Janet Jackson.

Q-Tip rapper album income and net worth

Other than music, he also appears in endorsements and sponsorships for which his earnings per year is estimated to be around US $980,000. Besides this all, Q-Tip has been once arrested for a third degree assault against a photojournalist who was trying to capture an image with his camera. The rapper was released and had had no criminal record after this. After Q-Tip embraced Islam, he tried to his best to transform stereotype image of Islam in America only by his powerful lyrics that voided obscenity and other inappropriate content he used to add prior to his reversion.

Q-Tip’s album bearing his Muslim name, Kamaal––The Abstract (2009) raked US $600,000. Personally talking, I must admit that the colored rapper has been pushing his best to spread peace through power of words and lyrics. The best part about him, is calling a spade a spade by raising voice against the racism all over the globe. He is one of the front man for The Nation of Islam based in the United States.