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Rich Boy Net worth -Rapper (Updated)

Full Name: Maurice Richards.
Rich Boy net worth: $13,600,000
Yearly Money: $2,850,000
Popular as Rapper
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Albums Names Earning from this Album
On the Regular $3,000,000
Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack $2,200,000
What It Do $1,471,000
Boy Looka Here $1,000,000
The Madness $900,000
Total money of these Albums Approx $8 million
  • Birth Day Date:September 02, 1983
  • Place of Birth: Mobile, Alabama, USA
Rich Boy Rapper net worth in these years
2011 $4,000,000
2012 $5,000,000
2013 $9,800,000
2014 $12,500,000
2015 $13,600,000
Now you know all about  Rich Boy net worth. Let have look on his biography and you may compare his earnings with other world richest rappers.

An American rapper whose real name is Maurice Richards but he gained popularity by his stage name “Rich Boy” is following Hip Hop genre. Rich Boy started their professional career in 1999 and currently he has net worth of $13.6 million.

In 2007 artist brought his first introductory album namely “Rich Boy” into market in 2007. The famous hits of the album include “Boy Looka Here”, “Good Things”, “Let’s Get This Paper” and “Good Things”.

Another famous song “Throw Some D’s” gained 6th position on the platform of Billboard Hot 100 and it also gained 2nd position on the chart of Hot Rap Tracks. Break the Pot was another album of the Rich Boy which was released in 2009.

He also released many famous mix tapes which includes Bigger Than The Mayor, Pacc Man, Bring It To The Block. An estimated average yearly income of this rapper is $2.85 million.

He is one of the popular celebrities around the world having an amazing educational background. He is a Mechanical Engineer and it looks really awkward that an engineer is rapping but it is a big reality. He used to make music in his spare time, as a part time activity. This took a fire as he started to gain some amazing fan following resulting in selecting music as his permanent profession.

An engineering field still has a more percentage of getting you a good job, leaving it for something which is not a guarantee to provide a good life is a big decision full of risks. Rich Boy took this risk and his risk became a reward after years of hard work.

Well, I do not rate him even in top 50’s of worldwide amazing rappers. The reason is his less fame, immature skills set and less contracts. I will recommend him to release at least one amazing album every year so that he can gain some attraction of investors as well as public. Not looking him to make any extra ordinary achievement because music industry is full of rappers and he is still not having good skills at the age of 32. His current net worth floats around the $13.6 Million mark. He has, till now, made earnings of more than $8,300,000 from all of his 6 albums combined. I just wish him good luck in future which is not looking much bright at all from current perspective.