Rocko income

Rapper Rocko Net Worth

  • Rocko net worth: $1,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $1,520,000

“Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr” is popular as “Rocko”. He started his career at Triple A Records, which belonged to his cousin. He contributed there as a ghost writer and producer. This was an amazing experience for him as he started his musical life in the environment full of music experience. In 2002, he came up with his own recording house as Rocky Road Records. This idea was all due to his contributions in the success of Hitman Sammy Sam.

The rapper currently own 3 vehicles, Rolls Royal Phantom, Mercedez Benz S63 and Maybach 57 which he bought for reported $470,000, $142,000 and $376,000 respectively. His current net worth is $1 Million.

Albums Income:

Real Spill 83,333
Honest 62,500
Pluto 57,143
Wildlife 51,282
Self Made 43,478
Total money of these Albums 297,737

Rocko income

Through the platform of his own Rocky Road Records, he contributed in developing people like “Dem Franchize Boyz” and “Young Dro”. At that time, these 2 were in developing stage who later showed up as artists. His first ever release was his very own lyrics written song No Wack Artist (NWA), which gave him a good entry in music industry. In 2008, he released his debut studio album, Self Made. Self Made successfully entered in to the rankings of different categories and achieved some great spots.

He faced severe criticisms for his song UO.E.N.O. A strong support of more than 72 thousand signatures was against him after the petition which was filed on the lyrics he used which targets date rape. As a result, despite multiple apologies, he was removed by the Reebok.

In my sight, he gradually developed himself in the industry but lack of albums, dispute and criticism took him far away from being a perfect rapper. He trained in the best available place but unfortunately he ended up struggling rather than succeeding in music world.