Shontelle Net Worth and her yearly money

“Shontelle Layne” has a current net worth of $4 Million. She was on her way to become a lawyer by profession, by completing her graduation from University of West Indies but something totally different happened with her life.

Quick facts:

Shontelle net worth: $4,000,000
Yearly Money: $1.2 million average

She was scouted by SRC Records and they finally ended up singer her as their multi role musician. I will like to remind you that SRC Records is the same production house which highlighted the Rihanna” talent.

according to me Shontelle net-worth is quite reasonable
Black Beauty. Seriously I love her

SRC Records used her as a song writer and she wrote multiple songs for some artists. After getting excellence in writing songs, she left SRC Records and joined hands with “Akon” to release her first ever album with him. With Akon at her side, she learned a lot about music from him. Her first ever album got delay due to some disputes but when it finally released, the album started with a ranking of 36 in the top 100 and finished at nearly breaking the top 10 bar. Her folower also want to know about assets value of Akon, Ne-Yo and Ciara.

Shontelle net worth in previous years
2011 $2,051,282
2012 $2,711,864
2013 $3,350,000
2014 3,635,000
2015 $4,000,000

She has widely contributed her services for the charity works. She has raised funds for the Together for Care through concerts, breast cancer charities for research, Save the Music Foundation, She is the First for girls’ education etc.

Sad to say, but she only released 2 albums on professional level. I do not rate her a big singer because she never worked hard to become one. She is just like low end singers who are popular because of their some releases and mostly perform at different events. On the other side, she and “Rihanna” both from the same area, both talented but only the later one achieved ore fame and success.