Sienna Guillory Net Worth

With about $8 Million net worth, Sienna Guillory has earned more from her acting career rather than the modeling one. I will like to share here the box office revenues generated by the films in which she has played vital roles.

  • $42.3 Million from Resident Evil: Retribution
  • $60.1 Million from Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • $75 Million from Eragon
  • $17.3 Million from Ink Heart


“Sienna Tiggy Guillory” is one of those celebrities who came from the modeling background to the acting stage. Well, it is a big trends not only now a days but from quite some ling time that models try their luck in acting. Most of the models do try once their luck in acting, irrespective of the success and failure thing.

Sienna Guillory old and new photos

The model from The Great Britain, Sienna took a very long time to come and show her acting skills. She actually got more recognition in United States of America rather than in United Kingdom. I believe this was the reason why she shifted her majority of acting career activities to America and also achieved much better success rate in terms of finances and fame in America rather than England.

On the other side of her career, I strongly admit the fact that she is not that much popular as she should have been right now. She must work on her marketing in a better way by reformulating every sponsor and marketing agency which is working for her. Despite 40, she is still having the stamina and reflexes to deliver some amazing acts only if she wants to.