Sinbad Net Worth a.k.a David Adkins

Full Name: David Adkins
Sinbad net worth: $11,000,000
Yearly Money: $1,333,000
Popular as Actor
Sinbad networth
Names Earning from this
Sinbad et la légende de Mizan 916,667
The Fifth Voyage 687,500
The 7 Adventures of Sinbad 628,571
“Backyardigans” 564,103
Sinbad 478,261
Total money of these Movies 3,275,102
Sinbad Actor net worth in these years
2011 5,641,025
2012 7,457,627
2013 9,166,667
2014 10,000,000
2015 11,000,000
Now you know all about Sinbad net worth here is the few more details about him.

David Adkins (Sinbad) is a comedian who achieved a nice bucket of popularity through his The Sinbad Show and A Different World in the era of 1980s and 1990s. The ex-serving officer at the United States Air Force, earned a name there for himself as an occasional comedian. After leaving the Air Force of the United States, he went on to carry his comedy acts as a new profession. In the mid of 1980’s, his career suddenly boosted up when he appeared in Star Search. This resulted into a number of new roles offering for himself in like The Redd Foxx etc.

His financial right now is very confusing and disturbing. He has almost $11 Million in assets and only $131 Thousand as his debts. He owes about $30,000 to the Bank of America, almost $375 Thousand to American Express, an amount of $8.3 Million to IRS and $2.3 Million to the American state of California.

Jingle all the Way was his first ever appearance as an actor in a film which also consisted mostly of his comedian talks. Before all this, he wanted to be a basketball player, he proved to be a good player in that sport and at last got a permanent position to play basketball for the University of Denver. He ended up leaving his studies after being selected for Air Force. Before turning into a good stand-up comedian, he was fighting his survival due to financial crises and mostly end up sleeping in his car. All this changed with the passage of time as he became popular.

I personally believe that he is a very good example of being a military person having no popularity and financial problems. It is a very bad perception that military people become rich as they join any kind of military field. Sinbad struggled a lot throughout his life and is still struggling but he never lost hope and confidence to change everything one day.