Slash Net worth is still increasing despite crossing age 50

  • Slash Net Worth: $34 million
  • His Yearly income: average $7 million

“Saul Hudson” is widely known as a British and American mixed guitarist who played guitar for the band known as Guns and Roses. After leaving the band in 1996, he went on to release his very own, sole albums. He is enjoying a current net worth of amazing $34 Million despite crossing age 50. His recent album World on Fire has earned him more than $5 million.

guitarist Slash net worth change with time

Slash earnings from this discography:

Libertad: $2,750,00
Contraband: $2,000,000
Ain’t Life Grand: $1,825,000
The Stepfather: $1,641,000
Appetite for Destruction: $1,200,000

His fame was gained when he became the member of already established band Guns and Roses. He released great music with other team mates and received a lot of appreciation from the public as well as their investors and organizers. Velvet Revolver was his 2nd professional group, of which he was the founding member with other artists. He was the most popular person in the Velvet Revolver because of his amazing guitar playing moves and skills.

Musician Slash net worth in previous years

2011: $16,500,000
2012: $20,695,000
2013: $26,000,000
2014: $30,090,910
2015: $34,000,000

I will like to tell that, Slash, his nick name is not due to his any connection with the music industry but this was given to him by one of his family friend (In his childhood) who loved his continuous love with the music and never found him getting bored with it. Tidus Sloan was his 1st ever group and he left his school just to make a tour with his new band. He was never ever a brilliant student in studies but his ever developing interest in music (especially in guitars) was the one thing where he was the brightest one among his age level friends.