SoMo Net Worth – Musician

The gigs performed by him fetch a lot of crowed and that makes him even more famous. The amount of money that is being considered to be his net worth is $5,000,000. This amount of money not only includes the money earned by all of his albums combined but also includes the money earned by selling the tickets of his gigs as well as the money earned through all of his brand endorsements. The amount of money earned by somo per month is approximately $700,000.

$5,000,000 is an amount of worth that is quite high keeping in mind the fact that SOMO doesn’t have a very long period of time in his career. In the short amount of time that he has had till now, he has earned quite a lot. However, other people who can be considered to be his competition has a higher amount of net worth for example trey that, in the year 2015, has a net worth of approximately $12 million. The weeknd is also his competitor and he has a net worth similar to that of somo which is $5,000,000 while chase rice has a net worth of ‎$6,000,000.

Full Name: Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales.
SoMo net worth: $5,000,000
Yearly Money: $700,000
Popular as Musician
SoMo networth and image without shirt and cap
Discography Names Earning from this Discography ($)
“Ride” $416,000
SoMo $315,500
My Life $288,000
 “TheMrSoMo Channel” $256,000
 “Gold & Platinum” $220,000
Total money of these Movies $1.5 million approx
SoMo Musician net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $2,750,000
2012 $3,295,000
2013 $4,000,000
2014 $4,545,000
2015 $5,000,000
Now you know all about SoMo net worth. But there are few more details discussed below:

He gained popularity by uploading cover songs of Chris Brown and Drake. He was eventually signed by Republic Records worth of million. SoMo gained popularity on YouTube when he mashup the cover of Drake’s Take Care. His fans also loves to listen Rich Homie Quan, K Camp and Shawty Lo.

From very child hood he was singing with his father in Austin’s different clubs. His father was a member of a jazz group namely Duck Soup. 2013 was the year when he signed a contract with a well-known company namely Republic Records He released his first album namely My Life in 2013

As far tou already know SoMo net worth is $5 million in 2015. He is the great Musician, singer-songwriter, composer from Texas.This American Musician, singer-songwriter, composer started his career in 2009. His estimated income per year is $700,000. He earned money by signing these albums contracts: SoMo , “My Life SoMo”.

We also mentioned SoMo income per albums. I hope you and other Texas, U.S. people want to have $5,000,000 net worth like SoMo. He also earns from sponsorship and featuring in programs which amount is $156,250.

His videos were watched more than fifty million times by his viewers. He released his first album My Life in 2013.His second album which was self titled on his name SoMo was released on April 2014. That album was positioned at 2nd number on US R&B charts. He also made some important tours which include The Wide Awake Tour in 2014 and Show Off Tour in 2013. These tours also made thousands of dollars.

Somo has an origin form America and is considered as a very successful and popular rock singer. Even though Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales is his real name but as it is a painfully long, his fans love and prefer calling him somo rather than the actual long name that he has.

Somo is multi talented! Is you have seen any of his music videos and have blown over his dancing and singing abilities, you need to know that he is not only an amazing singer but is also quite a fantastic song writer! Since the beginning, has made sure to write all his songs all by himself.