South Park Mexican Net worth still high even he’s in jail

Even he’s in jail but still South Park Mexican net worth estimated around $5 million because of extra ordinary previous career. In 2002, it was the hottest news that the Carlos Coy famous by his name ”South Park Mexican” has been sentenced for 45 years jail and $10,000 fine due to charge with counts of Sexual Assault with a 9 years old girl. In the recent news I was reading about his death in Jail, because it was reported that Carlos Coy was facing some serious health issues and due to severe health he died. But when I researched about the truth of his death, I found that it was only rumored and does not have any truth. In the report it has been clearly mentioned that death claims are not true and he is alive.

Full Name: South Park Mexican.
South Park Mexican net worth: $5,000,000
Yearly Money: $600,000 (average)
Popular as Rapper

South Park Mexican old pictures before going jail

Carlos Coy is an American Rapper better known by his stage name South American Rapper. Also known from another name (South Park Mexican) net worth is $5 million in 2015. South Park Mexican is an great rapper from Texas, U.S.This American rapper started his career in 1994 and released his first album in 1995. His estimated salary per year was $606,000. He earned money by signing these albums/songs contracts: “El Jugador” , “High so High” , “I Must Be High” , “I Need A Sweet” , “Oh My My” , “Streets On Beats” , “You Know My Name” , Reveille Park , The Last Chair Violinist , When Devils Strike.

He is also the owner of Dope House Records which made hi to earn thousands of dollars. Until now he released a total of 8 albums. His followers also compare his income stats with Z-Ro, Lil Rob, Fat Joe and Baby Bash.

He is currently serving a 45 years incarceration after he found guilty of sexual assault on a child in 2002 but he continued his musical career during incarceration.

Discography and Earning from these:

  • The Last Chair Violinist $416,667
  • When Devils Strike $312,500
  • Reveille Park $285,714
  • Never Change $256,410
  • Time Is Money $217,391
    Total money of these: $1,488,683

Those who have ever listened South Park Mexican in the 90’s and loved his rapping, have believed that he is alive and news are not true. SPM started his rapping in 1992 with his first album “Hillwood” and he earned a major deal with “Universal Music Group” while he was already working with “Dope House Records”. The most interesting thing for me was to know about his name. Carlos Coy gave this name for himself due to love with his birthplace, he was born in South Park.

Carlos Coy rapping not only gave him success, career and love by his fans, but also a lot of earning, which he earned through his albums, sponsors and collaboration with other singers as well as musical groups. Despite the fact that he is in prison, he is still enjoying earning, he has current Net Worth $5 Million. Carlos Coy has earned $1.5 milliion from his major discographies which we listed above and $155,000 from different sponsors. Earning such a higher income through rapping and music can be a dream of anyone in this world and South Park Mexican gave reality to his dream.