Stephen Colbert Net Worth (Updated 2016)

Stephen Colbert net worth: $45,000,000
Yearly Money: $20 Million

Stephen Colbert lies among the pool of the filthy rich American actors. By profession he is an impressive actor, comedian, writer, TV show host and a very distinguished personality who owns a net worth around 45 million dollars! Yes I’m not kidding, he owns 45 million dollars and is one of the most affluent personalities of America. Here are the few earning:

Late Show with Stephen Colbert $3,750,000
BoJack Horseman $2,812,500
Alpha House $2,571,000
The Office $2,300,000
Company $1,956,000

His famous work includes The Dana Carvey Show, The Daily Show and few more. Not only he starred in these shows but he also wrote them, earning huge amounts of money per episode.  In 2005 he got his very own show by the name of Daily Show spin-off show which too was a major source of his earnings.

Stephen Colbert networthh

I’m sure most of you have watched “The Simpsons” as a kid. But few of you might know that it was Stephen Colbert was voice was used in this show. As an author, Colbert co-authored Wingfield.  Yes I’m talking about the famous Wingfield! As a comedian, he appeared in Comedy central’s prominent show “Exit 57” and earned loads.

It’s not wrong to say that Stephen is among the category of the top millionaires of this time and his hard work and utmost skills have earned him the reputation that he enjoys today. He is a self-made millionaire who has been able to establish his career in a relatively short span of time.