Steven Pienaar Salary and image in blue color shirt

Steven Pienaar Salary, net worth – Midfield – Left Midfield of Everton FC

Steven Pienaar Salary: $1,150,000
and Steven Pienaar Net worth: $9,0000,000
Club: Everton FC
Market Value: $3,380,000
Team(s) where he played:
  • Everton
  • Spurs
  • Everton

I observed you may think google graph show his salary $3.12 million GBP but please keep in mind that arning showing by google graph is outdated i.e this is 2012. But we mentioned updated earning of 2014-2015 which is $1.150 million.

Year Steven Pienaar Basic salary Bonus amount Steven Pienaar Yearly salary Steven Pienaar Net worth
2015 Income $1,126,667 $75,111 $1,201,778 $4,506,667
2013 $1,248,000 $83,200 $1,331,200 $3,744,000
2014 $1,300,000 $86,667 $1,386,667 $1,950,000
2015 (without Bonus) $1,126,667 $0 $1,126,667 $5,633,333
2017 $0 $0 $0 $0
2017 $0 $0 $0 $0
Total $4,801,333 $244,978 $5,046,311 $15,834,000
Steven Pienaar Salary and image in blue color shirt
Steven Pienaar in blue shirt

He is the ex captain of South African national football team. He usually plays as a right or left wing but sometime take position as an attacking midfielder.

Now you know how much Steven Pienaar Salary and Steven Pienaar net worth. He is the professional soccer/football player of Everton FC   team. This 170 cm player joined Everton FC on  Jul 31, 2013. He signed contract of $4.8 million (last 3 years amount) with Everton FC   from 2013-2017.

He belongs to Johannesburg, Gauteng and we know all Johannesburg citizens should proud of him. Any comments about the income of Steven Pienaar and his Net worth info? Also let us know Steven Jérôme Pienaar deserves this earning or not? He has market value of $3.8 Million.

There are many honors and achievement got by him in which few are listed below:

  • Ajax CT Young Season Player in 2000
  • AFC Ajax Talent of the Year in 2003 and few more.