Why Steven Seagal Net worth is low even seniority

“Steven Frederic Seagal” is a multi-talented celebrity. I really admire his martial arts skills and consider him as a sincere student of it. His current net worth stands at $10 Million while owns a $3.5 Million worth house in the area of Arizona. I hope you observed his net worth is quite low even he is senior actor of Hollywood. I am disclosing these issues too.

when it is about martial arts skills then Steven Seagal gets top position
Not just martial art skills but living richest lifestyle.

The 63+ star has a vast experience in not just one field, but many. Mostly directing and producing movies of his own and for his own, his movies have been including too much Seagal stuff. I will call this act as a self-promotion technique only. Not saying that he is an over rated actor but a little over rated and self-confident.

  • Steven Seagal net worth: $10,000,000 (Updated)
  • Yearly Money: $900,000 (average)
  • Well known as: Actor

There was a time in his life, and still a bit, he became way too much arrogant and self-pointed person. This was due to considering himself the best in the world. A master is a master but no one can learn 100% of anything. A person always keeps on learning. He considered himself the best which caused lot of problems for him in later life. He done spectacular work with Steven Spielberg, Wesley Snipes and Bruce Willis. Let’s have a look on Seagal income from films.

Few movies earning:

A Good Man $416,667
Gutshot Straight $312,500
Maximum Conviction $285,714
Born to Raise Hell $256,410
Sheep Impact $217,391

Steven Seagal’s net worth in last few years:

2011 $2,564,102
2012 $3,389,830
2013 $5,166,667
2014 $16,545,455
2015 $10,000,000 (reduced due to his liabilities)

Teaching your skills to others is the best thing for everyone. When he started teaching his martial arts skills to his students, this art transformed in to more effective, lethal, powerful ways as compared to other teachers practice. Just Google some of his videos and you will find a huge difference.

It is bad but I think his life is full of worthless claims and achievements. He lied many times in his career and many of his claims still under reviews. Segal has been seen both, the right side and wrong side of the life in one way or another.