Stevie J Net worth – Enhancing his bank balance

When it comes to talking about the best richest musicians in the world, one cannot possibly omit the name of Stevie J. He is one of the most loved love TV personality from New York who has current net worth of $5 million. That positive response helped him upping his game when it came to enhancing his wealth. However, later on when the rapper decided to appear on one of the most famous realty TV shows in the world Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, it helped him getting a higher level of income as the TV show comes up with a lot of episodes every year letting the artist earn a lot.

  • Stevie J net worth: $5,000,000
  • Yearly Money: $2 million

However, the rapping and TV show appearance are not the only ways of the star to grow his bank amount as he has recently turned a producer as well. With the help of three alternate careers, Stevie J has been reported to have $5 million overall worth.

Earning from them:

  1. Soul For Real: $1 million16,667
  2. Faith Evans: $912,000
  3. Chantay Savage: $850k
  4. “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” $4 million
  5. Sheep Impact $1.5 million

Stevie J total worth is around 5 million usd

Right after the star steeped into the rap, he decided to move on to act and started working in a TV show named as VH1’s show which helped him gaining a lot of fans all over the world. The main reason why the TV show could gain so much attention was the fact that it had a real life love triangle and had his girlfriend and wife in the same frame.

Multi talented Stevie J’s net worth in previous years

2012 $2,500,000
2013 $3,200,000
2014: 4,000,000
2015: $5,000,000

Even though a lot of people have claimed that Stevie J did not actually marry Joseline Hernandez but did it just for the sake of fame and money. Even if the news is true, one must would say that this step by the rapper helped him not only gaining a lot of attention but also enhanced his bank balance letting him become one of the richest rappers having their origin from the city of New York.