3 million worth actress Susan Ward

Susan Ward film and TV actress Net Worth

“Susan Ward” is a film and TV actress who has current net worth of $3 million in February 2017. She got a huge career boost thanks to the ABC network who gave her a chance in one of their family series Make it or Break It.

Changing your interests and dreams is actually difficult and it really requires a huge motivation and courage to do so. Susan always wanted to become a vet from her childhood because she loved animals and could not bear their pain. Her life changed very soon when she was being scouted and hired by a modeling agency at the age of 13. This was her ticket to the new doors of opportunities but it really took her a lot of guts to make this decision as she was required to move to a very new territory, New York.

3 million worth actress Susan Ward

You always need support in your personal life in order to have a better and relaxing professional life. This was accomplished as she married to “David C Robinson” who is currently not only an approved and popular film producer but also the owner of multiple highly rated companies.

Right now, Susan has an estimated net worth of $3M only. I know it is less and it is due to her less work in highly rated projects. I believe that she still can increase her fame and net worth because she has the looks and definitely can try much better chances in the modeling side of her career. Some of her earnings from acting are as follows:-

  • Wild Things earnings of $120,000
  • Four of Hearts earnings of $750,000
  • Toxic earnings of $428,571
  • Costa Rican Summer earnings of $600,000.