Great profit business 2015 in USA

The most profitable businesses of 2015 in the U.S (Money in these industries are awesome)

While talking about the most profitable businesses many industries top the list, but only a few have the highest manageable profit margin rankings.

Insurance, taxes, and financial investments

These industries have the largest work force and get around 12 to 16 % pre-tax profits and are included in one of the most profitable and successful industries.

This group is involved in managing portfolios of securities and providing investment advice, custody and other investment services. Also works in auditing account-records, designing accounting systems, preparing financial statements, developing budgets, tax returns, bookkeeping and billing.

This industry has a large work force and is one of the most renowned industries of America and earns a whooping $100,000,000 per month.

Great profit business 2015 in USA

Software Publishers, Scientific research and development

These institutions cater mostly in scientific research and using the theories to develop new products in a variety of fields. These industries are those which are growing and developing every day making it more profitable every year.

The software companies are growing every year with the increase of usage of technologies by business sectors. Also, the new media, telecommunication and networking equipment manufacturing industries are creating more opportunities for software publishers.

These types of businesses are not self employed and thus consist of many employees and employers. These industries also bring up new ventures and opportunities for fresh graduates and the young generation.

The I.T industry is also playing a huge part in enhancing the work of these researchers, publishers and developers.
The average software engineer in USA earns $78,000 per year and a Research Scientist earns an average salary of $75,646 per year.

Now when talking about self made companies and institutes which highhandedly help the economy.

Offices of Physicians

This includes offices of chiropractors, doctors, dentists, orthopedic surgeons, and other physicians. It also involves the patient care centers where nurses and technicians give moderate treatment to patients. There are also many other health and medicine practitioners that contribute to this category. And all are found in a plethora of numbers.

The health industry is wide and nearly has a profit margin of 12 %. The dentists alone collect a whooping 70-140,000$ per hour. Whereas doctors earn around $100$ to $200,000 monthly.

And due to new opportunities and advances in science, this industry keeps on growing and nurturing every day.

The offices of dentists is however the 2nd most profitable business in the U.S because of its high rate of 190,000 practitioners.

In the USA however there are many strange businesses that are one of the most profitable ones.

One of this is the death care services business. This company validates in providing services related to funerals, cremation and burial and memorials of people. They are also involved in death ceremonies and managing death beds and graveyards. It may sound strange but this business is the fifteenth most profitable in America.

Other most profitable business is that of entrepreneurs and fashion. This business knacks millions every year and is one of the most renowned industries of U.S.

Some other successful industries include:

  • Mining,
    Credit intermediation,
    Investment pools and funds
    Legal Services
    Technical school and trade centers
    Office administration offices
    Agencies, Brokerages and other insurance related activities
    Construction, Instruction and other schools
    Activities of credit intermediation
    Mining industries

The gigantic information industry which comprises of:

supplying information, storing and providing access to information, searching for information, publishing and transmitting of information, and information for industries of search engines.

There are many profitable industries but the ones listed above are one of the top 30 with the highest profit rankings and margins.