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Tiger Woods 2015 net worth (2nd Richest African-American person)

“Tiger Woods” is an American professional golfer who is in the list of most successful golfers of all time, the second richest African-American who has current net worth of $600 million in 2015.

  • Sponsorship deal: $10.9 million
  • Tiger Woods net worth 2015: $600 million
  • Titleist deal: $20 million
  • Yearly earnings: $60.85 million
  • Endorsement with Tag Heuer: $40 million
  • Nike deal: $40million

How much Tiger Woods rich?

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In 1996, he signed a 14 years sponsorship deal with General Motors, enabling him to earn $10,900,000 every year, a $20,000,000 sponsorship deal for Titleist, prize money of $ 94,000 and $40,000,000 NIKE sponsorship deal for more than 5 years.

Tiger Woods 2015 pic and net worth

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In 1997, he signed a sponsorship deal of $10,000,000 for Golf Digest, another sponsorship deal for Ashai of $ 14,000,000 and earned a prize money of $ 2,400,000. He earned a prize money of $ 2,900,000 in 1998. He signed a sponsorship deal with TLC Laser Eye Centers for $5,000,000 and earned a prize money of $ 7,600,000 in 1999.

Tiger Woods net worth’s include The winnings of 79 PGA Tours where earned prize money of $11,000,000 and extension of sponsorship deal with NIKE of $105,000,000 in 2000. In 2001, he earned a total of $60 Million with prize money of $7,700,000 and endorsement deal of $ 5,000,000 with Upper Deck. He signed an endorsement deal of $25,000,000 for Tag Heuer in 2002 with prize money of $8,400,000 with a total earning of $78 Million in that year.

Tiger-Woods picture during morning walk
Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods

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In the year 2003, he earned a total of $80.3 Million including $7,400,000 of prize money earnings. From 2004-2012, Tiger Woods earned an estimated of $820.3 Million.

Part of “California Hall of Fame” earned an estimated of $78 Million in 2013 and with a current net worth of $600 Million, he earned $61 Million in 2014. Now you know how much Tiger Woods earn.