joind photo of all watche which are considered expensive

Top 10 expensive watches of men which you never heard

In this article we sorted top, unique men expensive watches which you don’t heard often. There are many watches that have been made by many young and talented people who want to make sure that the watches they make could get most fame. Today, every men personality is shown by the watch which he wears to look good.

This is the essential accessory that completes the real man. Watches are now being considered as the men best fashion statement for decent look. There are many types of watches that have been made for particular occasions. And we have listed top 10 expensive watches which has great value in terms of price and quality.

joind photo of all watches which are considered expensive
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All of these best expensive and most luxurious watches list given in ascending order:

Bvlgari ($16,000)

It is a brand which associated when we talk about costly watches. It features a stainless steel and strap made with durable rubber. Its rubber strap is large in size which makes easy and comfort for his owner.

Rolex ($33,200)

Rolex is brand which is famous from many years and delivered some of the memorable watches with its unique and decent look. We have been seen this watch coming into two colors (usually yellow or white gold). This watch is truly designed for rich person and celebrities.

Audemars royal rubber clad ($36,600)

This have not just modern rubber strap but this watch has special feature that tells the seconds, minutes, and hours with automatic accuracy. A true classic fashion for men.

Hublot Ferrari king Gold ($43,000)

It may carry a big price tag but it is worth to wear. While other watches comes with their own style. It is genuinely a piece of art.

Cartier Rotonde ($116,200)

Cartier is the name that is rolling around from last 5 years and has been one of the top class watch brand. Why this is expensive? A beautiful shiny material and unique art design makes this watch suburb .

Piaget Caliber 1200($150,990)

If you are looking for a time piece which is full with gems and will usually looks good in your wrist then Piaget caliber 1200 is the brand that you definitely looking for. It is made up of complex mechanism with smallest gears which can make this more attractive in every manner.

Zenith Columbus($230,000)

Like other expensive men watches in the world Zenith Columbus holds a very special place among them. It is limited edition watch which was primary built to work as navigational compass. If you are wearing Zenith and suddenly forget the way then it may help you to find your desired location.

Roger Dubois doubles flying ($263,000)

There are very few brands which fulfill the expectations of watch owners. Roger Dubuis double flying is the brand that every man wants to wear for looking more charming. It is because of its looks which create extraordinary confidence in owner.

Roman Jerome titanic ($320,000)

Roman Jerome titanic is masterfully crafted watch and 100 % deserved to be considered in the top most expensive men watch brands. Although it is very costly one but worth to wear. It is made by titanium and steel.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple ($450,000)

Everyone wants to know what’s inside it that is being considered as the world’s most expensive watch ever created. This watch’s creation is very unique in all ways by looking it and inside it has many features than any other watch has ever had. It is dream of every man wants to wear it.