Top 10 richest NFL players, GM and Commentators

There are many sports where players get appreciated by their performances and get paid. But none of them are even close to the players that play NFL. It is a game of passion! So without further random talk, here are top 10 richest players from NFL which we have listed below:

Joe Montana – $90 million

Joe was also known as the Joe cool. He joined NFL in early age and played national football league for almost 15 years which is maximum time for any NFL player. He was the wealthiest athlete at that time. He also performed for his team as a captain for so many years.

Tom Brady – $130 million

No doubt without this young man’s his team couldn’t survive in the NFL semi finals where his name is still remembered. He had a long career and played with many legends. If you wanna know about all NFL players salaries (all team) then this is the great resource which we published a few days ago.

John Elway – $150 million

First, he was an immature player but with the passage of time he practiced so hard and got those skills that no one ever had by making points alone in the ground or should I say with little assistance. He is retired player and has fantastic managerial skill. No wonder why every player wants to have him as a manager in his team.

Peter Manning – $170 million

If we are making a top richest NFL players list, then how can we forget the name of Peter Manning? He has done more advertisements, sponsor ads than any other player and has signed so many contracts which are still going in the pipeline (valid up-to June 2017). Currently, he is coaching his own team and earn huge money and popularity from this.

John Madden – $210 million

This player had more fans than any other NFL players had because the way he played with such a passion and determination. Many players saw him as king of the mountain in NFL. He is a commentator now and has the best voice in the game.

Roger Staubach – $320 million

Everybody is questioning why Roger Staubach is worth making so much money? The answer is he is the best sports entertainer than anyone else. He never missed any goal and gave so many victories in a super bowl.

Aaron Rodgers – $400 million

A well deserves American football player. He must have more than $400 million (Honestly my favorite player). No one couldn’t touch him when he takes the football and runs.

Matt Ryan – $600 million

He has a very big house. His house yard filled with the NFL items which he once used to play. He has won more championships than any players, that is why he has been offered to coach so many teams which lack the experience.

Joe Falcon – $800 million

His net worth is $800 million because not only he is the most talented and experienced player. Falcon earned number 1 position in our richest American footballers list.