Most wealthy Republicans chart list

Top 25 Richest Republicans Members list (Their politics greatly influence the global conditions)

It is all about richest members of Congress. We know, Politics of every country is important but when it comes to the United States, everyone seems to be very interested as it is considered to be a powerful country. Their politics greatly influence the global conditions. Mainly the two parties that have been rivals since the ancient times in the politics of United States. These are Republican Party and the Democratic Party (Huge earnings there too). There have been many leaders that have been selected from the both party in the history of America. Let’s have a look on richest republicans list:

Most wealthy Republicans chart list

Since 1860, the Republican Party has been working in the United States, and it has produced many great leaders in the American History. I can surely say that there was much progress in the relationship of America with other countries during their period.

Since the beginning, there have been many Republicans that always very rich which you already saw. If I see the major rich families of the United States so answer is quite simple that their political affiliation is also with the Republican parties. There are many names in the list of the richest Republicans that must be well known by every one of us. (A simple text of above chart for you)

Republican Name: Net worth Yearly earning (average)
Amo Houghton $475,000,000 $9,500,000
Arnold Schwarzenegger $300,000,000 $6,000,000
Mitt Romney $300,000,000 $6,000,000
Matt Drudge $90,000,000 $1,800,000
Dick Cheney $90,000,000 $1,800,000
Rick Scott $85,000,000 $1,700,000
Rudy Giuliani $50,000,000 $1,000,000
George W Bush $40,000,000 $800,000
John McCain $30,000,000 $750,000
Herman Cain $20,000,000 $500,000
Donald Rumsfeld $19,000,000 $475,000
Sarah Palin $15,000,000 $375,000
Mitch McConnell $13,000,000 $325,000
Paul Ryan $10,000,000 $250,000
Newt Gingrich $8,000,000 $200,000
Rob Portman $8,000,000 $200,000
Karl Rove $7,500,000 $250,000
Ron Paul $7,000,000 $175,000
Adam Putnam $6,500,000 $162,500
John Boehner $5,000,000 $125,000
Chris Christie $4,000,000 $100,000
Dana Perino $4,000,000 $100,000
Rick Perry $3,500,000 $87,500
Eric Cantor $2,800,000 $70,000
Buzz Aldrin $500,000 $50,000

With a great political career and a great work for the progress of the United States, these Republicans have earned to stand among the richest people. Even if we compile the list of the top richest politicians in the American history then most of the positions would be covered with the Republicans.

I hold a view that it is not a crime to be among the highest earning politicians unless you have earned it fair and square. But usually general people hold the view that a politician can only become rich when he earn it through unfair means. Well, it is not always true. There are great examples of the Republicans in front of us who have managed to make their spot among the rich people with their work.