cobmined picture of richest Democrats like John Kerry

Top 26 Richest Democrats List (overflowing bank accounts and also influential figures)

In this article I am going to share top 26 richest Democrats List according to 2015 stats. I sometimes wonder I should marry a democrat (of-course female)– the richest of them all. They have overflowing bank accounts and are also influential figures. This is just what I need – fame and money! Simply, a great combination. (It was just a fun).

cobmined picture of richest Democrats like John Kerry
Democratic politicians

For those who dont know: The Democratic Party is one of the two major parties existent in United States of America. The individuals within them are referred to as Democrats. It is the oldest political party in existence. The richest ones know how to protect their places within the party. They are most alert during the election season. This is to ensure that they gather maximum votes and hence secure their positions.

Name Net Worth
Jane Harman 435000000 ($435 Million)
Jon Corzine 300000000 ($300 Million)
Teresa Heinz 200000000 ($200 Mil)
John Kerry 195000000 ($195 M)
Robert Rubin 100000000 ($100 M)
Al Gore 100000000 ($100 M)
Mark Warner 76000000 ($76 M)
Victoria Reggie Kennedy 60000000 ($60 M)
Arlen Specter 30000000 ($30 M)
Nancy Pelosi 26000000 ($26 M)
Hillary Clinton 21000000 ($21 M)
Shelley Berkley $8,500,000 ($8.5 M)
Al Franken 8000000 ($8 M)
Gavin Newsom 5000000 ($5 M)
James Carville 5000000 ($5 M)
Jimmy Carter 5000000 ($5 M)
Chelsea Clinton 5000000 ($5 M)
Austan Dean 5000000 ($5 M)
Jerry Brown 4500000 ($4.5 M)
Robert Reich 4300000 ($4.3 M)
Sonia Maria Sotomayor 4000000 ($4 M)
Harry Mason Reid 2500000 ($2.5 M)
Anthony Weiner 750000 ($750k)
Joe Biden 500000 ($500k)
Patrick Leahy 450000 ($450k)
Rod Blagojevich 150000 ($150k)

The richest democrats choose helicopters and limousines as their mode of transportation. They can certainly not step down from there. Their children are admitted into private schools – the most expensive of them all. Their holidays involve tours of around the world in cruise and stay in 7-star hotels.

Before going further, although it isn’t highly relevant but you may wanna know about these world millionaire chefs in one of our previous post here. Let’s come back to our topic.

Some of the richest democrats gain people’s respect whereas others might be disliked by many. Their fame is increased by the services and benefits they provide to people at large and by keeping the interest of the public at prime importance.

The most wealthy democrat has $300 million net worth as you read from list. Following this, the person who has the second greatest reserve adds up to $194 million. Occupying the third position is the person having a sum total of $176 million. This is certainly huge money.

In order to earn this much a lot of hard work is also required until and unless you take the easy road and pull into your pockets huge sums of black money. It might get you a lot of cash, but I’m sure one would not be able to get a good night sleep unless they kill their intimate buddy- conscience. Well, you may never know who’s on the right track and whose following a divergent path.