photos of top 4 richest banker of the world (edited)

Top 27 World Richest Bankers of 2015 – Not just billionaires but have ambition to achieve their goals

In the development of a country, the banks play a vital role. Banks have a comprehensive influence on the economy of every country by providing the services of loans and other financial supports. The world’s billionaires have their great share in the banks. We have made a list of the world richest bankers after the deep observation.

photos of top 4 richest banker of the world (edited)
Famous Bank Admins

In this list, we mentioned the bankers who are billionaires and get fame on the basis of their financial richness. The bankers are leading the economy and the world is following those who are successful in raising their names through hard work.

Bankers Name Net worth Annual earning
Stephen Girard $105 Billion Reviewing
Jorge Paulo Lemann $25.1 Billion Reviewing
Joseph Safra $17.5 Billion Reviewing
Leonid Mikhelson $14.6 Billion Reviewing
George Ty $4.9 Billion Reviewing
Sergei Popov $4.7 Billion Reviewing
Andre Esteves $2.9 Billion Reviewing
Ihor Kolomoyskyy $2.4 Billion $80 Million
Emilio Botin $1.1 Billion $72 million
Nathaniel Rothschild $1 Billion $70 million
Frederick Dy $260,000,000 $27,368,421
James Lee Jr. $185,000,000 $19,473,684
Richard Fuld $160,000,000 $16,842,105
Benjamin Romualdez $155,000,000 $16,315,789
Alfredo Saenz Abad $110,000,000 $11,578,947
Roger Jenkins $80,000,000 $8,421,053
Vikram Pandit $60,000,000 $6,315,789
Francisco Gonzalez $55,000,000 $5,789,474
Stewart and Susan Smith $51,000,000 $5,368,421
Andrew Probert $51,000,000 $5,368,421
Alan McFarlane $51,000,000 $5,368,421
John Stumpf $50,000,000 $5,263,158
Bill Gammell $45,000,000 $4,736,842
Reid Drescher $20,000,000 $2,105,263
Marc Mezvinsky $15,000,000 $1,578,947
Timothy Geithner $2,000,000 $210,526
Russell Armstrong $1,000,000 $105,263

Well, here I would like to inform you that the banker who is on the top of this list having the amount of $16.4 Billion. The banker who is on the second number in this list having $16.1 Billion.

Above chart Infographic:

Bankers who paid billions each year

Hence, these bankers get fame due to their financial status, but when we look back at their lives, we get to know that they earn this status and money after working so hard. They have the ambition to achieve their goals, and for that purpose, they worked very hard.

So, as a reward they get this status and now they are praised by the whole world. People who want to become successful should follow the ways of their success.