world top expensive jets

Top 10 World most Expensive Private Jets – Luxurious

Check out top 10 World most Expensive Private Jets which are highly luxurious one. Not everyone can travel on private jets because of their affordability but richest celebrities and millionaire business personalities always prefer to travel in their private jets because of their precious time. They don’t care about money because they own plenty of assets. These richest persons cannot afford flight delays, close seats, bad food, and earsplitting babies. It is right proverb

“Time is Money”

world top expensive jets
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According to jets price you must have $50-$100 million in your bag and I bet world will be yours and you will see the world from top while sitting in Luxurious private jet. OK no more discussions, here we go:

Number: Jet name Price Interesting lines:
1 Boeing Business Jet 3 $99 million It is very large in size and cannot land on small runways. It has very large cabin.
2 Airbus A319 Corporate Jet $89 million A might giant can travel up-to 5900 nautical miles. It is major competitor of Boeing’s Business Jet and has maximum capacity of 30 people.
3 Gulfstream G650 $72.5 million It has capacity of only 8 people but highly luxurious one. It is highly demanded by the celebs and business personalities and often used as flipping. Only 75 Planes have been launched by the company. According to company they will release 500 more till 2018
4 Bombardier Global 7000 $68 million Another luxurious 10 passengers jet but sadly it is not more available in market till 2017.
5 Bombardier Global 8000 $66 million Bombardier Global 8000 can carry almost 15 people and take longer flights up-to 22 hours easily with high mach number(0.86). You can travel non stop from Shanghai to New York.
6 Bombardier Global 6000 $55 million It is easily available in market and very popular among in his class because of huge sitting space. 6000 can travel up-to 6,250 nautical miles easily.
7 Gulfstream G550 $55 million Although it has all qualities but best thing, it has “fresh Air” system which keeps the cabin fresh with natural air. I hope it will be very pleasing effect.
8 Dassault Falcon 7X $52 million “BMW” itself design the interior of this plane. It was introduced in market in between 2007-2008.
9 Embraer Lineage $52 million Ever think about virtual movie theater in the sky? This is the option. It has high cabin capacity and 5 big screen TV’s can be installed and all controlled by i-Pad. It is fun to be young experience in this plane.
10 Dassault Falcon 5X $45 million 28 windows air jet has capacity to fly upto 5,200 nautical miles.According to company this will be available in market till July 2015.