Top Richest Criminals (Yes they have maximum assets – Legal or Illegal? this is another issue)

Crime is widespread in every society, with criminals following a strong financial position. Many are the kings of the underworld with tons of black money at their disposal. The richest criminals are either engaged in a single activity or have their hands dropped in multitude tasks. They may be smugglers, ha*kers, kidnappers, murderers, or money launderers etc.

The list goes on and on like Carlos Lehder ($2.65 billion), Griselda (2.1 Billion), Joaquín Guzmán Loera ($1 billion) and others most wanted crime tycoons listed below. You may not even realize, but the richest criminal might be sitting next to your table at the restaurant, might shop at the same store as you do or even jog at the same park as you do. This is because they conceal their real identity and exhibit the appearance of normal people. But, you don’t have to worry as long as you are not on their hit list!

Name Net Worth
Pablo Escobar $25 Billion
Dawood Ibrahim $6.7 Billion
Khun Sa $5 Billion
Al Capone $1.3 Billion
Meyer Lansky $600 Million
John Gotti $10 Million
Freeway Rick Ross $1 Million

Such an illegal approach to earning is profitable because its tax free. The rich criminals might be relaxing at a sunny beach or stroking their pet cat whilst sitting on a leather chair, sipping the oldest and most expensive wine. They do not worry about their monthly bills – they may even find a way to dodge such an expenditure.

infographics worlds-richest-criminals
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I can’t say whether I should refer to them as clever amongst the human race or the most stupid of all – come on, they do not get any paid leaves and the risk of life or getting arrested is always at stake. They have to be vigilant and ruthless. I sometimes wonder that they kill their inner voice – conscience; but how is that possible?

The criminals – richest amongst them especially are nothing but parasites; sucking on the rights of others and sabotaging lives of many individuals. An individual in one corner of the world might be near to death due to starvation, whereas the rich criminals might have a crab as their snack. [infographic source]