I designed this image for richist list of current Prime miniter

Top World Richest Prime Ministers – Huge amount of money, even more then some big business magnets

It is not an easy task to lead a country, well it is a job that has the ability to turn a person into a billionaire. In this article, I am going to tell you about some richest prime ministers and you will know that this job can change an individual’s life. The PMs get a huge amount of money for their working hours job and they also get huge income via different projects (both legal and Illegal). They get special protocols, houses, and security as a reward for their services. On the other hand big businessmen want to work with them in terms of shares/percentages because they dont want all clarification in their business.

I designed this image for richist list of current Prime miniter

Name Net worth
Silvio Berlusconi $7.8 Billion
Najib Mikati $3.4 Billion
Meles Zenawi $3 Billion
Li Keqiang $2.5 Billion
Saad Hariri $1.9 Billion
Theophilus Danjuma $1.1 Billion
Asif Zardari $925 Million
Benazir Bhutto $850 Million
Thaksin Shinawatra $600 Million
David Cameron $50 Million
Philemon Yang $35 million
Abdelilah Benkirane $32 million
Eric Williams $28 Million
T. D. Jakes $20 million
Lionel Zinsou $19 million
Yingluck Shinawatra $18 million
Mahamat Kamoun $10 million
Stephen Harper $5 Million
Mohamed Dionne $3 million
Julia Gillard $2 Million
Abhisit Vejjajiva $1.7 Million
Juha Sipilä $1.5 million
Paul Kagame $1 million
Jacob Zuma $800k

Some people just argue about the politicians. Well, being honest all politicians are not corrupt. Yes, for sure, all of them are indulged in the corruption to some extent but they also do some kind deeds for the sake of humanity. If you are American or interested in their politics then yo must know about these richest Democrats list.

Prime Ministers kind deeds make them memorable in the hearts of people. On the other hand if we call them clever, it would not be wrong. They manage their job smartly (much better then common smart person).

Honestly we saw many politicians all over the world but not everyone cannot be a successful as well as richest PM, as a person needs special skills, business mind, capabilities, smartness and mostly corrupted mind to do this job.

When you are into this post, then you have many companions as well as rivals, and you have to deal with all of them in a political manner. A politician cannot avoid any bureaucrat or top level person because he has to deal with all of them.

Do you have interest in politics? Also want to become the Prime Minister one day? If yes, then you can do it if you have the right capabilities and most important patience. Nothing is impossible! Hopefully, this article is helpful for you in order to understand the term in a well-mannered way.