Triple H salary, net worth (earned his spot)

Triple H” who is “Paul Michael Levesque” in reality is now not only a wrestler in WWE but also a COO of WWE. He has a current net worth of $25 Million. In 2013, he earned $2.5 Million including wrestler salary of $1,900,000 while currently he is getting payroll of $2.7 million. His current contract guarantees him an annual compensation of $1,000,000. He is also earning $500,000 as a COO of the WWE. In 2012, he earned $2.9 Million.

Outside wrestling, he has shown up in films and on TV. He is also the only wrestler to fight with The Undertaker 3 times at WrestleMania but he lost all of those matches.

Triple H Salary/career earning 2015: $2,700,502
Winning and other Bonus $900,167
Triple H Net worth: $24,304,518
Profession: Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income: $675,126
Born Place:  Nashua, New Hampshire, United States
Born Date: 27-Jul-69
Full or real name: Paul Michael Levesque
Market Value $13,502,510

 Before joining WWE, he started his wrestling career in the Upper East Indy promotion and was trained for it by “Killer Kowalski” who trained him. When he marked with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1993, he used his old name but and later changed to “Jean-Paul Lévesque”. In 1995, he signed for World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Year Triple H Salary Triple H wrestler Net worth Winning Bonus
2013-2014 $1,350,251 $13,137,577 $400,074
2014-2015 $1,862,415 $16,203,012 $600,112
2015 $2,700,502 $24,304,518 $900,167
2015-2017 (according to contract) $3,105,577
Total: $9,018,745 $53,645,107 $1,900,353

After the breaking of his very own created team DX, he was pushed as a main event wrestler. He started winning a few singles titles. As a part of a major storyline, he married “Stephanie McMahon” who later turned into his genuine life partner. In 2003, he formed another team known as Evolution and in 2006 he reunited with “Shawn Michaels” to form DX again.

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States is the place where he was born. Triple H is one of the best professional wrestler who was born on 27-Jul-69 .According to Forbes 2015 salary, Paul Michael Levesque is earning $2,700,502 per year while winning bonus is $900,167 Now you know how much Triple H earns. He has a market value of $13,502,510.Next year expected payroll of Triple H is $3,105,577.

For me he is one of my all-time favorites as a wrestler. Only few people have ever been as good as him. He had his ups and downs in life and he is definitely used powers in a good as well as bad way to tackle such problems but overall I will say he has earned his spot amongst the greats of wrestling. It seems like his vision for the future of the WWE is awesome too.