Tyson Kidd salary, net worth (always non-serious attitude in the ring)

Theodore James Wilson” who wrestles as “T.J. Wilson” is currently signed to WWE as their professional wrestler from Canada. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million with market value just exceeding the $2 Million mark. In 2013, he received a salary of $135,000 which was further raised to $170,000 in 2014. In this year, 2015, he has already earned an estimated $62,000 in a number of unique ads promotions.

I think he is like one step forward and two steps back in his entire WWE career. At one time it looks that this wrestler will achieve a lot in WWE because he has those amazing high flying moves but then his losing streaks and non-serious attitude in the ring makes me think what he is doing in WWE when there is thousands time better talent than him outside WWE. His current partnership with “Cesaro is the best thing if it remains for a very long time as a powerhouse wrestler combines with highly flexible wrestler.

Tyson Kidd Salary/career earning 2015: $295,000
Winning and other Bonus $98,333
Tyson Kidd Net worth: $1,500,000 (updated from 900k)
Profession: Wrestler (WWE)
Endorsements/other Income: $73,750
Born Place: Calgary, Canada
Born Date: 11-Jul-80
Full or real name: Theodore James
Market Value $1,475,000

He prepared himself at the Stu Hart’s Dungeon in the Canada. He wrestled his 1st match in Stampede Wrestling at 15 years old in 1995. At age16, in the World Wrestling Federation circuit. After 1 year, he began preparing with “Bret Hart”.

Year Tyson Kidd Salary Tyson Kidd wrestler Net worth Winning Bonus
2013-2014 $147,500 $486,486 $43,704
2014-2015 $203,448 $600,000 $65,556
early 2015 $295,000 $900,000 $98,333
2015-2017 $339,250 $1.5 million
Total: $985,198 $1,986,486 $207,593

He also prepared with “Shawn Michaels” for 5 years at the popular Hart Prison. He was also a Canadian hockey player. He signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2006 after getting great reviews and comments from the ex WWE coach “Bill DeMott”.

Calgary, Canada is the place where he was born. Tyson Kidd is one of the best professional wrestler who was born on 11-Jul-80 .According to Forbes 2015 salary, Theodore James is earning $295,000 per year while winning bonus is $98,333 Now you know how much Tyson Kidd earns. He has a market value of $1,475,000. Wilson made his WWE TV debut in 2009 on ECW.