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Gabrielle Serene Varner” is one of the most creative artists around right now and I am quite sure that even she would not have imagined this rapid success and popularity and having net worth of $4 million. It is an easy life time career decision for a girl who started participating in music from her childhood. From singing and helping her parents who used to write songs to singing on the stage in front of a huge crowd shows a huge success with true determination.

Full Name: Serene “Elle” Varner.
Elle Varner net worth: $4,000,000
Yearly Money: $500,000
Popular as Singer

Elle Varner image with glasses and open curly hair
My Queen
Album/songs Names Earning from this album/song
4 Letter Word $516,000
Conversation Lush $400,500
Perfectly Imperfect $289,000
I Don’t Care $315,000
Refill $220,000
Total money of these: 1,500,000
Elle Varner Singer net worth in these years (USD)
2011 $1,280,000
2012 $3,000,000
2013 $3,760,000
2014 $5,000,000
2015 $4,000,000
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Short Biography and earnings info:

It is not a normal environment for me as well as you when starting life is being spent in a studio but from those young days, she completely achieved the skills of writing and composing a perfect song which many artists still cannot do with perfection. How much early training with correct guidance can help a person? She released her debut album which was a hit, she wrote all the lyrics of it by herself and also co-produced it. This shows the importance of basic proper early training which is given to her.

I personally admire her voice a lot. I feel like it comes from her soul purely. Each and every song has a different passion. She is an outspoken type person which is a good thing. The more you are real, the more you will be loved by public. She is very young but I have an intention that in some years’ time she will be a very big threat to the top artists of the industry.

The rising star is still young in this industry but having a net worth of $4 Million. I bet that her net worth will be ultra-high in some years because not only she is talented but due to her age, big organizations will invest in her heavily. According to a reliable source, she earned $610,000 as year 2014 earnings after the deduction of taxes.

Currently her annual earning is $5ook (average) from music. Gabriele Serene “Elle” Varner is an American singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Los Angeles.She studied at Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music in New York University. She released her first album “Perfectly Imperfect” in August 2012. She was nominated for Grammy Awards as well. I must recommend you to compare her income with Shanice , ASAP Ferg because they both are big competitors. She is currently working on her second album Four Letter Word in which she is going to introduced her own genre “Trap Jazz”. She has a bright future ahead and I am sure she will be more worthy then $4 million.