Webbie Net worth 2015 -Rapper (Webster Gradney, Jr)

Lil Webbie net worth calculated by our team is around $3 million after police proceeding issues. He is one of the famous rapper and I came to know about him when police shut down his concert during the middle of the concert. Before that I never heard him, but after this news I researched about him and found some melodious tracks from him. His concert was stopped due to his fighting during the concert on March 2014. I could not understand that how a famous and professional rapper can show such attitude and harm his reputation. Here are the few short facts:

Full Name: Webster Gradney Jr.
Webbie net worth: $3,000,000
Yearly Money: $800,000
Popular as: Rapper

His main source of income is his rap music and he is spoiling it with his arrogant attitude.  Currently, he is facing a major drop down in his earning through cancellation of his concerts.

Webbie net worth in last couple of years

2011 = $1,280,000
2012 = $1,600,983
2013 = $2,100,000
2014 = 2,500,000
2015 = $3,000,000

I believe that artists are world’s most sensitive persons who can express the feelings of the others in their words. But the arrogant attitude by celebrities can really make number of their fans low and even they can lose some of their sponsors too. Though Webbie could be able to earn some noticeable earnings but still he need to effort to get his fans back. His part with Birdman & Rick Ross in “A Miricle” made $1.46 million alone for him.

Webster Gradney, Jr. net worth of $3 million was only possible due to his previous live concerts. He earned this huge wealth by signing different albums contracts like Gangsta Grillz #14, “Gangsta Musik”, Ghetto Stories, Savage Life, Savage Life 2, Savage Life 3, Savage Life 4, Savage Stories, Sweet Jones Jr, Trill Entertainment.

Webster Gradney, Jr. is counting cash
Webster Gradney, Jr. photos with chain and counting money

It is necessary for him to understand that he will not get sponsors and earnings from his live concerts if he continue to fight with his fans. Webbie wealth is much effected by police proceedings he faced. He also enjoyed some good earnings from sponsorship which has been estimated as $910,000 (2014 stats) some how similar to Bun B. In my personal view after looking his previous career and performance Webbie has potential to earn a lot more. He just needs to improve his behavior and social attitude and results will be in his favor.

It is a known fact that rappers all around the world earn quite a lot that helps them upping their game when it comes to talking about the net worth of the artists. There are lots of examples with the help of which a person can prove that a lot of times, rappers earn way more than what most of the singers do. If you keep a tab on the per year income earned by the Lil Webbie as well as his net worth, you will get to know that its true owing to the fact that the net worth of Lil Webbie in the year 2015 is being considered to be a whooping amount of $3 million.

Even though the rapper is known to have an encounter with the police in the past due to a concert that had some illegal happenings in it and the rapper even had to pay some fine to the police. Even after this incident, the net worth of the rapper has not reduced to any level. The infamous incident occurred in the year 2014 that initially effected his fan following a little but with the passage of time, the rapper gained his momentum.

Webster Gradney Jr. is said to earn at least $800,000 per year. however, it is being said that with the passage of time, the popularity of the rapper is being effected in the negative manner because of his arrogant behavior with his fans. This behavior of the rapper with his fans has turned out to effect the fan following of the rapper as well as his per year income that he used to earn through shows as well as the concerts. In the year 2011, the rapper had a net worth of $1,280,000 that increased to $1,600,983 in the year 2012. In the year 2014, he had a super net worth of 2,500,000$.