Why People Want To Know About Stars Net Worth? Researched answer

As you know we are dealing in celebrity net worth and sports person income stats. Few people asked us, “Why People Want To Know About these stars net worth ? Actually, there are 2 types of people in this world, the rich and the poor. Both have some interest related to money and have a financial idol too. The majority of rich people always have the desire to become more and more rich from their competition whereas the poor always want to think, learn and know about how to get even half richer than that of their idol but why the celebrities net worth is of much importance to both of these people ?


Well, I don’t personally know any of the richest celebrities we published on our website and also never ever expect to see in reality or get a chance to meet any one of them. But as a follower I care about their financial status and know how much they make, how much they give away in the forms of donations, how much do they spend on their personal lives e.g. house, transportation etc. (Although there could be some figure error in money details because income may change with the passage of time but we always try to update).

This is a natural ingredient in every human being to learn about the final status of others and no one can hold back from this. I or anyone else can find such financial details very easily for almost any celebrity by just surfing on the internet but still why we all love to research about celebrities net worth ???

Well, I can define it in very simple and clear examples to you. Consider a politician who is rich. You voted for him/her or will vote soon but is that politician a better option ? Because it’s the tax money you and everyone else will have to pay for his luxury lifestyle and your money is very important to you. So, before using your important power of Vote you want to know about the financial holdings and net worth of number of politicians.

You own a brand and hiring some sportsmen i.e. “Amir Khan”, the boxer. What you really care is not only about his popularity but also his net worth/his purse details because in last it does not matter for how much you are hiring him for your brand’s image but how much your brand will be earning after hiring him as your brand’s image. The earning you will receive from this act will be a lot higher than what you will be paying to Amir Khan for his services.

Celebrity’s net worth is of much important to everyone whether it’s a common person, famous person or an organization. It seems useless to me to inquire about celebrities’ net worth but this is the rule, the culture of this advancing world.

Few people believe is that this financial information should not be available publicly at all because in the end it is of no use at all because these people will continue to earn more and more and their sponsors will earn 1000x times greater than them because of their fame. Another group feels these are just a estimated and random figure generated by these websites (i.e. they dont take these figure serious). Although we know how much effort we put in.

Few people thinks, they will never even tell their net worth, their financial status to public except their family because this is of my personal importance. If they will publicize net worth, it will create new troubles e.g. a person who is poor and learns my net worth will definitely hate me rather than praising my wealth. (just a couple of group thought, few proudly declares their wealth).

To some extent, knowing celebrities net worth is of quite significance like the tax departments. They keep their eyes on how much tax the celebrities pay and is that according to their tax rules. People around now are more concern with financial standing e.g. this is not much of importance to people and media that whether a film is good or bad but how much the film has or will earn, how much a superstar got paid for this film etc.

But the world is having other side as well. Many celebrities net worth is all due to their professional career according to their more better skills like some are entrepreneurs, lawyers etc. who earn a lot of money from their specialized jobs.

I want to share my friend short story too. He said: “common people like me, knowing net worth of celebrities is of no importance at all because it further saddens and angers me because I am not financially strong like them. Just imagine how many dreams I could have achieved if I was having millions, billions or trillions of net worth like number of other celebrities in the world”.

But again, this is just a single thinking! people do care about celebrities earning, they want to know which movie made huge business, they want to know which sports player got big contracts during transfer and so many examples.

In our industry, CN and TR both are reputable blogs and useful resources (they are also contributing great financial info from long time). Everyone has its own way and taste to think about getting knowing the net worth of celebrities and there are number of reasons behind this. I have my own thoughts, so do you. Any thing to say?