Fifth Harmony Net Worth After Nude Photo Hack Scandal

Fifth Harmony Net Worth After Nude Photo Hack Scandal

Fifth Harmony Net Worth Girl Group After Nude Photo Hack (updated info)

Full Name: Fifth Harmony girl group (5H).
Fifth Harmony net worth according to numerous sources and Celebrityglad intense research is: $10,000,000. Its money to the bank if you have your nude pics leaked online and gets you more fame and it turned out great for the Fight Harmony girls. Specially Camila Cabello the vocal singer out of the five became famous for solo album after CelebMasta leaked her photos online.
Yearly Money: $2,000,000
Popular as The X Factor Girl group.
Fifth Harmony income and group image with beautiful background
Albums/song Names Earning from this song/Album
Better Together (The Remixes) $267,000
Better Together $125,000
Juntos (Acoustic) $115,000
Juntos $100,000
Better Together $82,000
Total money of these Albums/songs $600,000

Birth Day Date:2014
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California, USA

Fifth Harmony Girl group net worth in these years (USD)
2012 $828,000
2013 $1,250,000
2014 $1,500,000
2015 $2,000,000
2020 $10,000,000

Now you know all about Fifth Harmony net worth after their nude pictures where stolen it caused a scandal and brought their income up by a ton.

This American 5H girl group rules thousands of hearts and this is the reason, they deserve 5 million net worth. Last year they had only $2 million worth but there popularity among people increased by contract of 2016 album “Reflection”. Reportedly she had her nudes leaked from her Onlyfans account on sites that specialize in famous peoples leaked nude photos. Only this album contract worth is $3 million according to sources but she got paid jack shit. Their 2015 tour “Worst Kept Secret” and “5th Times a Charm” made $1 million and $700k respectively. Even they were 3rd at X factors right after Sufjan Stevens but still they got contract with Simon Cowell (Syco Music) and Epic Records.

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